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Monday, July 1, 2013

Corn Monster of Wynn, Michigan

Original post at "Weird Michigan."

In 2003 I was a Schwann guy in Wynn Michigan. The locals told me about a corn monster on West Coe road. They seemed concerned that I was there late at night. Sometimes at dark it seemed as if something reached out of the weeds towards my truck as I drove by. There was a spot where I would stop to take a break because in a 14 hour day there was certain spots you would count on if you had to take a lunch on the road. This spot was on West Coe was a road no one traveled. about 2pm, I stopped my truck pulled it into the brush and ate my lunch. After lunch I stepped out of my truck and stretched. Out of the corn five feet in front of me something looked unexplainable, dark dirty manlike I had been stopping here for 9 months. I yelled jumped in my truck, it just watched me drive past I was scared it jumped on my slow moving truck, this was broad daylight I can still picture it in my mind.

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