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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hawley, PA Zombie Attack??

Another gruesome attack in Hawley, PA with a possible hunger for BRAINS!

A naked, bloody man broke into a home, jumped from a two-story window, tackled a passerby and chewed on her head while "screaming like an animal."

The gory scene unfolded Friday night in Hawley, Pa., 40 miles east of Scranton, where 20-year-old Richard Cimino Jr. allegedly went ballistic on a woman and two officers, Patch reported.

At about 5 a.m., Cimino reportedly drove his car off the road behind some houses in the small town. He stripped off his clothes, then tried and failed to break into a nearby home. He was told to leave, so he fled up the street and broke into another home. This one was vacant. He allegedly jumped from a second-story window.

State Trooper David Aulisio told Patch that Cimino "severely injured his arms and extremities" from the fall, but kept going.

Bleeding heavily, he found two women on the street and tackled one of them. Patch reported that he covered her in his blood. Then he began to "gnaw at [her] head, screaming like an animal," Aulisio said.

The women escaped and called police, who found Cimino lying on the road, severely injured and displaying "delusional behavior." Despite the injuries and a jolt from a Taser, Cimino managed to punch an officer in the face before he was arrested.

It's yet unclear whether Cimino was on drugs during the incident, and Pennsylvania police told The Huffington Post today that he's still in the hospital and has yet to be processed. He'll face plenty of charges, including two counts each of aggravated assault, simple assault, indecent exposure and criminal mischief, plus three counts of burglary and one count each of criminal trespass and defiant trespassing, according to The Times-Tribune.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Runcorn’s ‘red-eyed superhero’ strikes again

Sep 13 2012 by Daniel Mckenzie, Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News
A SECOND alleged sighting of a red-eyed vigilante has sparked rumours that a ‘superhero’ is fighting crime in Runcorn.
The Weekly News has now received two reports of a masked man dressed all in black with glowing red eyes coming to the rescue of victims of crime.
The latest report claims the mystery man stopped a gang of hooded youths from stealing a motorbike near Town Park on Friday night.
It follows a letter which alleged that a similar looking figure fought off two men who were hassling a woman near the Royal British Legion.

Read more here:

Too cool. Hope we hear more about this bloke!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Slender Man: a hoax becoming reality?

Blurb for the book: Slenderman: From Fiction to Fact, by Rev. Robin Swope:
Has a fictional internet character come to life? Slenderman was created on June 10th 2009. During a contest on the "Something Awful" forum in which people were asked to create a fictional paranormal character to fool investigators. A submission by "Victor Surge" took the forum and soon the Internet by storm. His creation "Slenderman" is a paranormal entity that lurks in the shadows, stalking people from their childhood. Once encountered, it is an unrelenting and unstoppable force of evil that does not rest until you are dead. This shadow entity is dressed in a black suit and is inhumanly tall with oddly long limbs. These limbs eerily extend out and multiply to trap you in its terrifying death embrace. But the oddest thing about this fictional internet character? People are actually having encounters with a real life Slenderman entity. In this new book by Robin Swope you will discover the origin and growth of the Slenderman myth, its historical archetypal imagery and the chilling clues that point to this modern myth is in fact an actual demonic force that has been hunting humans for hundreds of years. Join Rev. Robin Swope, a seminary trained exorcist and minister as he explores the strange story of the malicious child killing entity known as Slenderman.

From the "Phantoms and Monsters" blog:
Rev. Robin Swope is a Writer and has been a Christian Minister for more than 20 years in both Mainline and Evangelical Denominations. He holds a B.A. in Biblical Literature from Nyack College and a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis on Pastoral Counseling from Alliance Theological Seminary. He has served as a Missionary to Burkina Faso, and has ministered to the homeless in New York City's Hell's Kitchen. He is currently the Pastor of St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Erie, Pennsylvania. He is also a freelance journalist for, has a column in the Tri-State Senior News and has also written for Fate Magazine. Rev. Swope also lectures at various conferences and events and we will also be discussing his newest book released book, Slenderman: From Fiction to Fact To follow Robin's blog visit The Paranormal Pastor
First picture ever posted on the net.
From WeKnowMemes
From WeKnowMemes
Is this a validation of the "The Philip Aylesford Experiment?"
or might this be a form of noumenon contagion? (example below):

June bug epidemic

The June bug epidemic serves as a classic example of hysterical contagion. In 1962 a mysterious disease broke out in a dressmaking department of a US textile factory. The symptoms included numbness, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Word of a bug in the factory that would bite its victims and develop the above symptoms quickly spread. Soon sixty two employees developed this mysterious illness, some of whom were hospitalized. The news media reported on the case. After research by company physicians and experts from the US Public Health Service Communicable Disease Center, it was concluded that the case was one of mass hysteria.

While the researchers believed some workers were bitten by the bug, anxiety was likely the cause of the symptoms. No evidence was ever found for a bug which could cause the above flu-like symptoms, nor did all workers demonstrate bites.

Workers concluded that the environment was quite stressful; the plant had recently opened, was quite busy and organization was poor. Further, most of the victims reported high levels of stress in their lives. Social forces seemed at work too. Of the 62 employees that reported symptoms, 59 worked on the first shift, 58 worked in the same area, and 50 of the 62 cases occurred in the two consecutive days after the media supposedly “sensationalized” the event. Most of the employees who became sick took days off to recuperate.

Some have questioned whether the incident was a massive cover-up, but most evidence suggests psychological and social forces were at work at the clothing factory.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poem in Remembrance of 9/11

Blasted skin

under the rubble

strobing lights
space and time

the plume of
silver-black grows
across the
sky: blanketing
the day into dusk

skinned hands
knees, elbows,
heat, loathing
terror unbelievably
thrust down

Dust caked throats

All forgotten in time

Monday, September 3, 2012


Here's a poem that I wrote this week. Not really horror or fantasy related, just a bit of observation.


We grow used to darkness
that chills like ice
as long as it is spaced apart
from our neighbor's light
and their darkness from ours
so we may not bear witness

We watch with caloused eye
the bleeding deluge of
our evening news, telling
visions in the dark
seeing nothing... nothing but
the answers we desire

Gray shadows cast long in the 
late afternoon of our brains
deepening to black, into starless night
the full moon rising as a symbol
of our shuttered hearts
the great god of zero

Good men grope through darkness
their fingers raw from scaled walls
sometimes finding a vein of light
directly in front of them
mining the shining truth
from where it has always been waiting

Good men realize
darkness deceives the heart
and bewitches the eye
they fight on through the midnights
finding life and enlightenment
with the coming of each dawn

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