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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Haunted Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island, Michigan

The Grand Hotel embodies all of the beauty and histroy that begins in the Victorian era for Mackinac Island. In a sense, the island is trapped in this time. It clings to the old things and puts them on a pedastle making them great. The hotel is the center of everything beautiful and historic on the island. It's long, white walls can be seen from the water on the ferry ride to the island. It sits away from the rest of the chaos of the island, amidst green gardens. There are no cars on the island and during my many visits to the island, I have travelled to the old hotel using many modes of transportation. Whether you approach by horse and buggy, bicycle, horseback, or on foot, the elegant porch gleams in the sunlight as the first part of the hotel you see. The hotel is a piece of my history as much as it is the island's. My great grandfather worked at the hotel and his father before him. My great grandfather proposed to my great grandmother in the old hotel. I still have the ring he proposed her with.

The land for the hotel was bought in 1886. During this time the popularity of the island for a summer get away was exploding. Tourists were coming from as far as Chicago to see the scenic beauty of this quiet island. The Grand Hotel was built to cater to the wealthier tourists that came from afar to relax in peace. It was during the construction of the hotel that an untold number of bones were unearthed. Most of the bones were relocated, but it is said that some of these old skeletons still remain beneath the foundation of this luxourious hotel.

In 1887 the hotel opened and it was a success from the beginning. During the long summers every room was filled. Of course during the winter, when the bitter Northern Michingan wind freezes the lake and burries the hotel in snow, the hotel was still mostly empty. In the 1890's, the hotel's owners proudly announced that they had built the longest porch in the world around the beautiful hotel. In 1895, Mark Twain came for a reading in the Hotel's grand salon. The Hotel was often host to famous people and a couple of movies were shot at the hotel. The most recent film shot there was made in the 1980's and stared Christopher Reeves as a love struck playwright. The film was called Somewhere in Time.

Despite all this activity, the hotel has continuously been a source of paranormal activity. As the hotel expanded, the orignal Fort Mackinac Island cemetery was moved to make room for the horse stables. So the stables now stand on yet another collection of old bones. Those that have worked at the Grand report phantom footsteps and doors opening and shutting. Guests staying at the hotel have reported feeling ill at ease, as if there is something else in the room with them from time to time. The hotel groans at night and, although all old things groan, the noises from this hotel seem loader that they should.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Latest Story Promotion on Promote Horror Blog

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lost Time Events in the Life of Diane

I have spent a great deal of time talking to a woman named Diane who has an extraordinary life of odd lost time experiences. Starting in her early childhood this woman has had lost time events in which she believes she has been taken by nonhuman beings who would experiment, or examine her for reasons none of us understand. She feels that sharing  her lifelong encounters and extreme experiences will help bring others like her to the forefront in hopes of finding answers and closure to these events.

Diane’s life is not glamorous or filled with elaborate adventures of aliens who leave her with meaningful messages that will benefit mankind. This woman’s story is simple and startling. It is a straightforward account of how her life has been interfered with. She does not seek glory or fame and does not want or need attention. She has a full life and love in spite of these intrusions.

I have known Diane for many years. It took her a very long time to come to the conclusion she wanted to tell her story. I agreed to write about her story as she tells it to me without any long colorful added fluff. With that said let’s start at the beginning

Diane knew her life was a bit different from a very early age. She explains that she does not have a smooth linked recall of her childhood. She does know it was not like other children’s. The earliest event she recalls were when she was age three or four. It was a memory of being placed back. Diane explained to me what she could recall:

“That is the best way I can explain it. I was very young under age 5 when I recall being placed back on the ground. I had been playing in my yard.. All I can remember is the sensation of being placed down. I can remember looking up at a funnel or tunnel but do not know what I was looking at I recall the pounding if my heart and being very frightened.”

Diane continued to tell me about her childhood...


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