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Monday, February 4, 2013

"Trailer Park from Hell" now available on Amazon Kindle

My short story Trailer Park from Hell is now available for download through Amazon Kindle. The story (in rough draft) has been removed from my blog (as required by Amazon), however for .99 you can download the full re-write / editted version at:

If you should happen to decide to purchase the story, let me thank you right here with a big wet toothless kiss! If you should actually decide to read it, please leave a review of some sort, even if it's just your grocery list or a hate filled rant.

I'd also like to thank everyone involved in getting me to this point (ya' know who you are), and be wary, this won't be the last Kindle project I do! I've nearly completed the edit and formatting for Life's a Bitch. A Werebitch., which will be the follow up to Trailer Park. Then, it's on to re-writes of my many other short stories which I'll eventually publish in a collection tentatively titled Ten Little Terrors.