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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ten Little Terrors: Short Story Anthology Now Available on Amazon Kindle


Hi fearless readers!

My new collection of short horror fiction, "Ten Little Terrors" is now available through Kindle.
Many of these tales were originally posted on this blog (in rough draft form). Now, after many proof-reads and edits, I've compiled them into a short story anthology.
Hoarder  ...nothing that comes in ever goes back out.

Home, Sweet Home   ...a disgruntled tenant, a vengeful house.

The Devil to Work For   ...this psychobilly band is in for one hell of a gig.

Necromance   ...a private Dick makes a deal with the undead.

Deadly Crop   ...a greedy farmer feeds the masses the hard way.

The Crooked Tree   ...a boy and his twisted tree.

Tenement of Clay   ...a man who could not die.

Flint Smoke   ...cowboy justice from beyond.

Mobius Stripped   ...cursing time, cursed by time.

Grave Digger   ...a murderer digs his own grave.

Check it out here:
Here's a recent review of one of my previously published efforts:
" "Trailer Park From Hell," your other story, Wow, really liked the characters, and some of the things that Bobby thought, just had me cracking up! I really related to Bobby, I know that's probably not a good thing, but I did. I wasn't sure they were gonna get out of there it seemed like such an impossible situation, but great ending. I almost believed it cuz of the opening. I haven't felt like that since "It" from Stephen King ( which I read when I was kid), I avoided clowns for like five years LOL. You made me feel young again and you had me creeped out for the rest of the night."
You can find TPFH here:


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