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Monday, May 27, 2013

Dallas Werewolf Encounter!

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Dallas Werewolf
The following unedited narrative was posted at Reddit:

This is something that happened to my husband and I a good 9 years ago. We had gone to watch a friend's band play and were headed home from downtown Dallas (I don't live in the metroplex any longer, so not personal info). It was around 1am but we still had "plans" before I was expected home (still dating at the time), so we headed to his apartment in one of the south Dallas suburbs. This is a pretty well populated suburb but by the time we got close to his apartment the roads were pretty much empty.

We exited the highway and turned onto the street that led to his apartment. But as soon as we passed the traffic light under the highway, we both saw it, plain as day. Stone sober and wide awake, we both saw a mother effing werewolf type creature exit a neighborhood street, and calmly run (in about 4 steps) across a 4 lane road. It was about 75 yards in front of us. But it wasn't exactly the way I'd imagine a werewolf. It was completely canine... no human features at all except for the fact that it was on 2 legs. The legs were massive and the thing was about 7 feet tall but the arms reminded me of t-rex arms. They were small and still hung like dog legs. They seemed very useless if the thing were trying to attack something. The head was also odd. Besides being a typical dog color (greyish black) the eyes were bright glowing yellow... even when there weren't headlights shining directly in them. It didn't look like the glow an animal gets from lights in their eyes anyway. But the thing that stood out to me the most was that the eyes were biocular, like a fish. I saw the eyes clearly even though he was completely profile to us. Here is a pic I drew. I couldn't quite get it right, it was a little more menacing in the head and face than I could convey. But I couldn't figure out how to draw it without making it look over the top and cartoonish.

I'll never forget how fast this thing was either. Here is a diagram of what happened.

The road we were driving on had heavy trees to the right hand side of us. When it came out, it was running but crossed this road in just a few steps. It was big enough and effortlessly fast enough to know that a human couldn't have dressed up and done this. There was an open field that he ran into. When my husband and I got to where the trees broke, we both turned our heads to look but it was loooong gone by then (about 4 seconds). I think the only thing that was said was a quiet "What the fk" by me.

More about what this thing looked like: It was more menacing than my photo, but to be honest, much less scary than what I would imagine a werewolf to be. When it was running across the road, I didn't get the sense that it cared that we saw it or that it was even trying that hard to cross before we got closer. I didn't feel fear as if we were threatened, only a disbelief really. And again, it's not like we were in a rural area by any stretch of the imagination.

When we passed the tree line, his apartment complex was literally another 150 yards or so up the road. We hurried in and didn't exactly get to our "plans." We basically just sat there in silence trying to rationalize I guess. Still to this day I often think to myself, "I mean really, did this really happen?!" but as soon as I close my eyes and think about it, those bright yellow eyes are still there.


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