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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Horrors of DC Comics Bronze Age

Although I'd been intrigued with horror movies and monsters in general from my elementary school days, it was my discovery of DC's line of horror comics throughout the 70's that really brought home my desire to create horror stories of my own. Even during my earliest youth I was an avid "draw-er," as my friends called me. Sometimes I feel I was born with a number two pencil in my hand, as I would spend hours drawing pictures of all types of subject matter. I had always assumed I'd make my living as an artist, and spent hours looking at the illustrations in books and magazines. I even penned my own hotrod car related magazines and gave copies to friends and classmates! But it was the DC horror comics that really influenced me, as both a writer and artist. Even as a filmmaker, as I made my own "Super 8" films with the neighborhood kids as actors and audience; all horror films, of course!

Here are a few covers of DC comics (I personally own over three hundred from this era):

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