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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Slender Man - The Tulpa Effect

A tulpa is a thoughtform, or being created from the collective thoughts of separate individuals. Tulpas are theoretical in nature, although some semi-scientific research and studies were conducted in the area between 1960-1980. The Tulpa Effect is the name given to the unintentional creation of a tulpa based on collective belief of a being with similar traits.
In relation to Slender Man, the idea of intentional creation of Slender Man as a tulpa came as early as August of 2009, as the idea was first thrown around in the Something Awful forums. The idea is still carried today by some Slenderman-based communities, specifically Slender Nation, although the separate evolutions of the Slender Man creature has created varying beliefs, traits, descriptions, and actions, and no longer includes a single unified description of Slender Man from which a tulpa could be created.
Some have worries over the unintentional creation of a Slender woman tulpa due to the popularity of the mythos in present day. Core Theory centers around the idea that the Slender Man was created as a tulpa in such a way in the various ARGs, and acts as an in-game reasoning as to its existence. Others believe that the Tulpa Effect may have serious real-life repercussions with the creation of a real Slender Man.

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