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Thursday, May 24, 2012

In the Dark

I wrote this poem about a year ago.

    He was disturbed by the face in the dark
    It would look around the edge of the door to his room
   Then fade in the candle light carried by the nurse
   It was "Good Night, Tim," she said
    She held his soul in her hands
   a small shadow needing protection

   His eyes spoke, "I will see my dream and your dreams."
   His shadow went out the doorway with her
   Once again the face, when the candle left

   The train accident played out on the ceiling
   howling metal, biting flame
  screams like hell’s laughter

  he heard whispered conversations in the corridor
  heard his time was near, one step deeper
  the fog shroud face smirked

   He dreamed of the old country house,
   the stone floor room,
    the knock on the padded door dull and throbbing

    The silence too, however, reached him

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