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Friday, January 20, 2012

Shahglivis Leviathan

Fire-breather, voraciously
Purging the earth of civilization
Royalty and Peasant alike
Winged black creature
With eyes
Favoring blazing emeralds
The largest of its cast
Feeding off the world
Its very presence
Befouls the sky
Young prentice knight
On allegiant steed
Not wholly aged
No one has ever
Faced this adversary
Without a blink
It radiates on-high
Terminal battle ensues
As if an army of twenty
Would make
A difference
Upright spines
and curling tail
its petrous scales
Are not enough
To protect
The creature
From the
True of heart
The sword is weld
The blade rings true
The heinous creature
Is struck backwards
From the rocky mount
Flesh engulfed
Its blackened bones
Shimmering and
Dissolving like
Fading embers
The young knight
Brave and given
The steed lay
And given
The last of
A breed
These three
The knight
The steed
Shahglivis Leviathan

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